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Specialist Sales

'Look after your bottom line by getting your quote online.'

Specialist Sales makes buying your farm inputs easy.

We provide you with a fast, competitive, no obligation quote, including our FREE delivery service. You won't see our pricing online, as we save you money by quoting our best price everytime simply by Contacting Us.

At Specialist Sales, if we can't SAVE YOU money, we don't deserve your business.

The products we supply are the highest quality and represent great value. Specialist Sales keeps costs down, so the savings can be passed onto you.

With our fast delivery times, Specialist Sales supplies large and small quantities of leading brand chemicals Australia wide.

Branded Products v Generic Brands

We are able to supply recognised branded products as well as generic brands. If a specific well known branded product is required please ask for a quote. In cases where a generic brand is available, these can also be offered to help you save even more. Generic products must pass stringent registration requirements set by the Australian Government to ensure they do what they claim.

Product Quality

All products sold by Specialist Sales are of the highest quality. Every product is registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and meets rigorous quality standards. All products supplied are new, unopened and supplied with the directions for use. If extra information is required such as MSDS or an expiry date it is available upon request.

Delivery Process

Where possible,orders are delivered directly to your door, Australia wide. Goods will either be shipped by courier, general transport or if possible Australia Post.


Payment options included.

Credit Card (Visa & Master Card)

Direct Deposit & Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)

Personal Cheque


Tax invoices are supplied with all goods sold.

After Sales Service

If you have any queries regarding a products performance, the team at Specialist Sales will be there to help and do whatever is required.

Australian Owned and Operated

Specialist Sales Pty Ltd has been helping Australian Farmers since 2003. The team at Specialist Sales bring over 20 years experience having worked on both sides of the farm gate.

ABN: 83 103 415 603

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