Granular Glyphosate - an option worth considering

Have you thought of switching from a liquid to a granular form of glyphosate?

Glyphosate Granules are becoming increasingly popular, and there are a number of reasons why you should consider this when next purchasing Glyphosate (Roundup).

Like the liquid glyphosates, the granular product is used to effectively control annual and perennial weeds, unwanted trees and noxious woody weeds.  The granules are diluted with water and applied in exactly the same methods as the liquids.

The superior granular formulation is designed for both broad acre farming as well as general purpose.  The granules are also available in non aquatic and aquatic formulations (Bi-Dri). The granules are double the strength of comparative liquid glyphosate and are fully loaded with wetter.

The granules provide a faster kill time and a shorter rainfast period than comparative concentrate liquids.

If these benefits alone are not enough to make you think of switching, there is still  more to consider.

The granules come in a 750gm, 5kg or 10kg carton which is lighter to handle than a 20L drum of liquid which is actually 25kg in weight. The packaging is environmentally friendly as it’s cardboard with no plastic drum to dispose of.

The granules completely dissolve in water to make the spray mix and can be used with other compatible herbicides. The granules are registered to kill over 100 different types of noxious weeds (see directions of use).

The general purpose mixing rate for the granular glyphosate is 5 grams per 1 Litre of water.  A 5kg carton will make up 1000L of spray, and 10kg will make up 2000L.  Individual boom spray mixing rates are listed on the directions of use.

Comparison rates for the granular glyphosate compared to liquids are;

515 grams of Bi-Dri Granular Glyphosate = 1L Glyphosate 360 Liquid Concentrate

640 grams of Glyphosate 700 Granules = 1L Glyphosate 450 Liquid Concentrate

770 grams of Glyphosate 700 Granules = 1L Glyphosate 540 Liquid Concentrate

If you are boom spraying at 1L per Ha of Liquid Glyphosate, then use the above grams in granules to work out the grams per Ha.  All the Glyphosate Granules are sold with full directions of use, or these and the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available via Specialist Sales Website when you open the individual items description.

The granules are proudly Australian owned and manufactured and are available on our website all year round. With no expiry date, they can be stored in a dry environment for many years.

Specialist Sales also stocks a Bi-Dri glyphosate granule that is “frog-friendly” and has received approval from the APVMA as a low-aquatic toxicity formulation of glyphosate that is registered for use along waterways, channels and other aquatic areas.

Still not sure about glyphosate granules, please feel free to look at the product description on our website (click here) or speak with our friendly staff who can answer all your questions. Call 1800 780 317.