As you might be aware of, through press coverage and various social media campaigns, there has been a lot of concern and commentary about the safe use of glyphosate herbicides, also known as Roundup.

Specialist Sales wanted to explain this controversial topic and debunk some of the concerns that people may have about the use of glyphosate herbicides and the carcinogenic nature of the product.

What’s the worry about glyphosate herbicides? | Specialist Sales

All glyphosate herbicidal products sold by Specialist Sales have been registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

According to the APVMA, glyphosate is a broad spectrum herbicide that has been registered for use in Australia for more than 40 years.

Always read the label and use the product correctly.

All Specialist Sales glyphosate herbicide products include a product label and safety data sheet that outlines the correct directions for using the herbicide. This includes wearing personal protective equipment when handling and using glyphosate herbicide products. We want to remind users of the importance of always following these label instructions whenever using herbicides or any other chemicals.

All glyphosate products registered by the APVMA have been through a rigorous chemical risk assessment process. This assessment includes the exposure risk to humans and the link to cancer. These products are safe to use, provided they are used according to the instructions on the label.

The current assessment by the APVMA is that herbicide products containing glyphosate are safe to use, as long as the user is following the label instructions.

A practical and widely-used herbicide.

As a rule, Specialist Sales has always recommended all glyphosate herbicides, as well as any other crop and garden chemical products, must only be used as explained by the directions of use on the label. When customers maintain this practice, the use of glyphosate herbicide is safe.

Please note that glyphosate herbicides have been used for decades, all around the globe, with incredible success in eradicating weeds. This includes the highly effective granular glyphosate, which many farmers are switching to. The recent court case in the US is more about the correct label of use rather than the product itself. Like a lot of herbicide chemicals, if the person applying the herbicide is not following the recommendations outlined on the label, the health risks would be higher.

It is always essential that, regardless of the herbicide being used, the directions of use should always be followed.

For further information about glyphosate herbicides and their safety, please refer to the Specialist Sales website or contact our experienced and friendly staff on 1800 780 317.