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Active Ingredient: Duddingtonia Flagrans IAH 1297

Livamol® with Bioworma® is a nutritional supplement containing the natural biological control, BioWorma®, that captures and consumes infective worm larvae (including chemical resistant/anthelmintic multi-resistant larvae) within the manure of grazing animals.

Livamol® with Bioworma® contains the spores of Duddingtonia flagrans, a natural fungus found in soil and on pasture. It is a non-chemical biological control for the free-living stages of parasitic gastrointestinal nematodes of grazing animals, which acts by substantially reducing the numbers of infective worm larvae (including chemical/multiresistant larvae) emerging from manure onto pasture.

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Livamol with BioWorma Label & SDS
Livamol with BioWorma Label
Livamol with BioWorma SDS
Livamol with BioWorma Datasheet