Bell Laboratories

For over 70 years, Bell Laboratories Australia has been a trusted name in pest control, particularly when it comes to rodents. They’ve earned their reputation for a reason: their products are effective, innovative, and reliable, offering targeted solutions for all your rodent woes.

Why choose 2022 Bell Laboratories?

Bell Labs has been at the forefront of rodent control research and development, constantly pushing the boundaries with new and improved solutions. Their products are backed by extensive scientific research and field testing, ensuring they work as promised.

Bell Laboratories has a comprehensive range of rodent control products, like TomCat II All Weather Blox and TomCat Bromethalin Blox. These varieties ensure you can find the perfect solution for your specific rodent problem.

Bell Laboratories prioritizes the safety of your family, pets, and the environment. Their products are designed with safety features like special bait formulations that minimise risks to non-target animals.  Specialist Sales have been stocking some of their range with their proven track record and commitment to safety. You can be confident you’re choosing the best solution for your rodent problems.

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