Our Team

  • Cameron – Director Managing Director

    Cameron – Director

    Managing Director
    I’ve always wanted to have my own business and after working in the agricultural sector for many years I thought it’s now or never. So I started Specialist Sales in 2002 part-time and then decided to bite the bullet in 2004 and dive straight into it. At the time it was a massive risk, but I wasn’t going to die wondering! Raised on a mixed farming property in Central NSW, I always saw myself working in the ag sector. After completing a Business degree majoring in agricultural commerce at the University of Sydney (Orange), I’ve worked in many agricultural enterprises prior to starting Specialist Sales including animal health, seed, turf and broadacre crop protection. This has allowed me to gain experience and knowledge about the products we sell. In early 2000 I realised there was a huge opportunity to create an online presence for rural producers, allowing them to access a vast range of products. This was something no one had successfully done before in agriculture and I was keen to give it a go. We thrive on the challenge this has created. Specialist Sales has now grown into a fully operational e-commerce site and customer service centre. People can now shop 24/7 with the convenience of conducting business online or over the phone. When I’m not thinking about Specialist Sales, I like to unwind by watching footy, cricket, horse racing, gardening and spending time with the family.
    Phone: 1800780317
  • Carmel – Director Marketing, HR & WPHS

    Carmel – Director

    Marketing, HR & WPHS
    Even though Cameron and I started Specialist Sales more than 20 years ago, I only joined the team full time in 2016. The business was rapidly growing and the need for someone to take on marketing, HR and workplace health and safety became apparent. I have worked in the agricultural industry for more than 20 years and I was raised on a broadacre property in northern NSW. I studied Agricultural Economics at UNE Armidale and have worked in agriculture, education and the disability sectors in marketing, communications and business strategy. Cameron and I have always wanted to own our own business and we have worked hard to see it grow over a decade and a half. Our greatest strength is our staff, we have a terrific team who support us in achieving our vision. They are customer service focused and enjoy their interactions with our loyal customers. They have shown the capacity to grow and change with us and that has supported our business over time.
    Phone: 1800780317
  • Kelly – Customer Service Business Operations Manager

    Kelly – Customer Service

    Business Operations Manager
    Kelly is our Business Operations Manager with a wealth of knowledge of products across our entire range. If you have a product inquiry or a pest, weed or insect you need to eliminate Kelly can answer your questions When Kelly is away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband on their small farm north of Toowoomba. Both have entered into a steep learning curve, trying to decide how and what to farm whilst rejuvenating the property. Kelly loves working in a busy environment, learning new skills and meeting new people, whilst working with a wonderful team.
    Phone: 1800780317
  • Brighid – Customer Service Business Support Coordinator

    Brighid – Customer Service

    Business Support Coordinator
    Brighid is a valued member of our customer service team helping drive the business forward by supporting our customer service and management teams. Brighid has a terrific attitude to her role and particularly likes helping our customers with their queries. She also enjoys learning new skills, especially understanding the working environment of websites and e-commerce. Brighid really enjoys working for Specialist Sales, the job is always busy, the work is diverse and the customers are great to deal with. Specialist Sales have a great culture, always values their customers and this is something I really like about the business. In her spare time Brighid enjoys playing sports like Touch Football, AusTag and going to the gym as well as catching up with family and friends.
    Phone: 1800780317
  • Kasey – Customer Service Customer Service Officer

    Kasey – Customer Service

    Customer Service Officer
    Kasey joined Specialist Sales in August 2022 and is a talented and enthusiastic member of our administration team. Kasey has a remarkable blend of skills, a strong work ethic, and an eye for detail. With her outgoing personality, Kasey is committed to providing our customers with excellent service. Beyond her professional endeavors, Kasey’s interests include a vibrant social life with her friends and family. Kasey enjoys watching and playing team sports, particularly netball. It is this participation that makes her a great team member at work. In her pursuit of knowledge and personal growth, Kasey is also undertaking part-time an accountancy degree at University. Her commitment to education showcases her drive to excel and expand her expertise and contribution to the business.
    Phone: 1800780317
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    Greg & Steve – Warehouse Warehouse Team Members
    SpecSales Jun23-19-469x688

    Greg & Steve – Warehouse

    Warehouse Team Members
    Greg & Steve are vital members of our warehouse team and come to us with a background in mining before having a career change to warehousing. Greg & Steve have embraced this career change enthusiastically and have become vital members of the Specialist Sales team. When your order arrives well-packaged and quickly, Greg & Steve are the team members that make the magic happen. In their spare time, Greg loves a round of golf and watching the footy and Steve is found exploring his 3D printer, building extraordinary items, and performing in Sim Racing.
    Phone: 1800780317