How to control pests organically with world-first natural pest solution Sero-X

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Insecticides are a critical component of any agricultural practice, as they protect crops from pests that can cause hard-to-reverse damage or even total destruction. Without these protective chemicals, farmers and home gardeners alike would find it extremely difficult to maintain the health of their plants or ensure a quality yield from crops.

However, as we collectively become more aware of the impact certain chemicals can have on the environment – most importantly, on the world’s great pollinators; bees – consumers have begun to seek alternatives to traditional insecticides. This has led to a growing demand for organic and natural pest control solutions that don’t compromise on efficacy or, put simply, cost a bomb. 

As a leading Australian provider of pest control options and agricultural supplies, we have explored a multitude of natural pesticides, and recent addition to the market Sero-X Insecticide is amongst the most effective. Keep reading to learn more about why we recommend Sero-X, how its world-first peptide technology works, and how it could suit you and your needs. 


What is Sero-X Insecticide and what does it do? 

Sero-X is a natural mixed-function organic insecticide. Natural insecticides are developed using ingredients from organic sources, and in the case of Sero-X, peptides derived from the butterfly pea plant – AKA clitoria ternatea – are at the crux of its potent formula. The butterfly pea plant is a flowering vine native to South East Asia, and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Recently, scientists have discovered that the butterfly pea plant contains a compound called clitorin that has potent insecticidal properties. As a result, this makes it toxic to insects, ensuring they stay well away. 


Benefits of Sero-X Insecticide

As an innovative organic pest control option, Sero-X Insecticide has a number of benefits both for the user and the natural environment.


Broad protection and use

Sero-X is broad spectrum and has been proven effective against a wide range of insects, including aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and caterpillars. It can be used on a variety of crops and plants due to its natural and non-toxic nature – from fruits and vegetables to flowers, herbs, and plants in home gardens. 

Multi-action defence against pests

Sero-X doesn’t just rely on pest mortality to provide crop protection – instead, it takes a multi-action defence approach through pest behaviour modification. These methods include egg-laying disruption and anti-feeding to ensure crops are always protected. 

Low environmental impact

Sero-X Insecticide was developed to target insects while remaining non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. It leaves no harmful residues on plants, making it an ideal choice for crop growers, and is biodegradable. Critically, it is safe to use around bees, hence reducing the harmful impact insecticides have historically had on bee populations. It is also non-toxic to mammals, other pollinators, and unharmful insects. 

Cost effectiveness

Sero-X Insecticide is a cost-effective option for pest control, priced cheaper than traditional products that also have a more significant impact on the environment. As Sero-X is available in 1L, 5L and 20L pack sizes, customers can purchase in bulk or as needed to suit their specific requirements and land size. 

Australian origin

Innovate Ag, the producers of Sero-X Insecticide, are a proudly Australian owned and rurally operated company with deep roots in the agricultural industry. Sero-X is a world-first product that harnesses the power of plant peptides following extensive research and development right here in Australia.

Regular development

The manufacturers’ commitment to continual development means they are actively working with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to include new crops and pests within the efficacy spectrum of Sero-X. This means that over time, the product will become more widely usable, improving general sustainability in agriculture and crop-growing and helping to eliminate chemicals in the food we produce and eat. 


How to use Sero-X Insecticide

It’s clear that Sero-X Insecticide is multi-beneficial and provides an excellent broad spectrum option that is natural, organic, and has minimal impact on the environment. So, what’s the best way to use it to prevent damage from pests? 

Sero-X Insecticide is a liquid product that can be used preventatively, applied at regular intervals, or as a knockdown treatment to control an existing infestation of pests. Formulated with 40 active cyclotides of natural origin, the bioactive compounds in Sero-X have diverse modes of action, which means the likelihood of resistance developing is very low. However, this product does require repeated treatments for best results. 


Useful tips when using Sero-X Insecticide

The preferred way to use Sero-X Insecticide for best results is as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, where insect management products are rotated during growing season to minimise the chance of any resistance developing. Sero-X’s effects on beneficial, non-target insect predators and parasites have also proven to be minimal, making this method of use a viable option to retain insect diversity and supplement your pest management strategy. Apply your Sero-X Insecticide to both sides of the leaves of the plant being sprayed, ensuring good coverage for best results. 

As with all products registered with APVMA, it is important to read and follow the directions for use closely to ensure both optimal outcomes and biosafety. Store Sero-X Insecticide in a cool, dry place.


If you’re interested in incorporating Sero-X into your pest management routine and need additional advice, our friendly team of experts at Specialist Sales are always willing to assist. Get in touch with us today, and explore our full range of both traditional and natural pesticides

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