Cattle Coat – the organic alternative for eradicating flies from your herd

Cattle Coat 20-Litre

Flies are pesky nuisances for humans, but at least we have hands to swat them away. Let’s spare a minute to think about your herd of cattle. Flies and other insects can be extremely irritating for cattle and can cause livestock undue stress.  

Protecting cattle from flies

Cattle are not passive hosts to the various breeds of flies that swarm them. In fact, flies can inflict quite severe pain and damage to your cattle. Some flies have a blood-sucking bite that inflicts more pain than the mosquito. 

Cattle do everything they can to avoid the irritation and bite of flies by stamping their feet, shaking their head, swishing their tail, flapping their ears and the like. But as you well know, damaging insects like flies can pose a serious threat to economical cattle performance when populations are large. Your cattle need a good quality fly control treatment to keep them in tip-top shape. For this, we rely on Cattle Coat

What is Cattle Coat

Cattle Coat is a ready to use organic solution for cattle to aid in all fly control, including buffalo fly. Cattle Coat is a cattle and livestock organic deodorant that deodorises odours that attract flies, reduce stress and prevent irritation. As a result, Cattle Coat promotes healthier animals and better grazing results. Better grazing equates to happier, healthier livestock which will only improve your stock’s performance at the cattle yards. 

Is Cattle Coat safe?

Cattle Coat is safe to use on old and young cattle and will not harm dung beetle populations. Cattle Coat is an oil based product that contains several Australian essential oils. The harmless product is oil based and has changed the lives of many farmers’ livestock. 

Cattle Coat is USDS, NOP & BFA certified, non-toxic and chemical free. With a nil withholding period it is ideal for meat and milk industries. Cattle Coat is ready-to-use and is recommended to be applied via multiple ways including backrubbers, rubbing posts, curtain wipers, pour-on, spray-on and as a hand wipe. 

Similar products to Cattle Coat?

Whilst there are similar products on the market that help control fly populations on and around livestock, in our years of experience, we’ve found Cattle Coat to be the best. If you’re still having trouble in the fly control department, here’s a short list of added measures you might like to implement: 

  • Fly Eliminators
  • Manure Control
  • Controlling Maggot Population
  • Adult Fly Control Systems (such as Solar Fly Trap, Insect-a-Peel System etc)

Specialist Sales stock a wide range of fly control solutions for livestock, including Cattle Coat. Head over to our products page to find more, or contact us directly

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