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Farmers are not just responsible for putting food on their own table but also on the tables of every family in the nation. In recent times, farming has not been the easiest industry to be a part of due to climate conditions, changes in consumer demand, lower investment, and falling commodity prices. Usually, a group that is here to help and provide for others, farmers have needed a helping hand through these challenges. Thankful4Farmers is an initiative that uses modern techniques to get others to care about the struggles and support of our farming population.

What they do 

Thankful4Farmers aims to celebrate the significant efforts and impacts that farmers make. They work as a support system to share the stories of the people who are growing Australia’s food. Thankful4Farmers acknowledge the existing challenges that farmers are facing and how these are affecting them as people, losing farms that have been in the family for generations, and the impact that these challenges have on mental health.

How they do it

Not everyone knows a farmer or can relate to them. Thankful4Farmers knows this and shapes their message through collaboration with familiar brands, different industries, influencers, and consumers in a united effort. They have shaped the conversation to increase awareness and generate ongoing funding by putting faces to names.

How they help

Thankful4Farmers makes supporting farmers easier. On their website, there are simple ways to donate and show support. They also educate those who are interested to look out for their logo in grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants so that they can support the farmer’s through purchasing their produce.
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