Colin Campbell Chemicals

For over 80 years, Colin Campbell Chemicals (CCC) has been a beacon of innovation and reliability in the Australian horticulture and turf landscapes. Their dedication to high-quality crop protection products, coupled with a deep understanding of local challenges, makes them a trusted partner for Specialist Sales and their customers who are seeking sustainable and effective crop and turf solutions.

Why Choose Colin Campbell Chemicals?

Colin Campbell Chemicals offers a diverse range of innovative and niche crop protection products specifically formulated for the unique needs of Australian agriculture, in particular horticulture and recreational turf. They offer broad-spectrum fungicides and specialized insecticides for protecting your crops from a wide range of threats.

All the CCC range of products are meticulously tested and proven to deliver exceptional results. Their commitment to research and development ensures their formulations are constantly evolving to stay ahead of emerging pest and disease pressures.

As a wholly Australian-owned company, CCC is deeply invested in the success of Australian horticultural and turf industries. Their understanding of local conditions and regulations helps them develop products that are perfectly suited for the Australian market. For these reasons Specialist Sales stocks CCC turf herbicides like Poachek Turf Herbicides

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