Conquest Crop Protection

Conquest Crop Protection has been supplying the Australian agricultural market for over two decades. They have gained a reputation for manufacturing high-quality crop protection products that are relied upon by growers and farmers across broadacre and horticultural markets.

Why Choose Conquest Ag Products?

Conquest Ag products are manufactured in Australia, and their formulations are based on technical know-how, strict quality control measures, and excellent research and development to ensure they work well our unique Australian conditions.

Through its in-house technical expertise and formulation partners, Conquest Ag has developed and registered over 120 products with the Agricultural and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). 

Specialist Sales has stocked Conquest products for many years , including its most popular products: Hatchet for the control of noxious woody and herbaceous weeds, and Neon 400 Herbicide, a fluroxypyr product that controls broadleaf weeds, as well as woody weeds in non-crop agricultural areas.

Two excellent glyphosate herbicides in their Knockout range include Knockout Pro, and Knockout 450 which is a broad spectrum non-selective herbicide that will kill most emerging weeds and plants.