Eykamp Kikuyu

Established in 1971, Eykamp Kikuyu is a third gerneration family-owned business that specializes in providing premium grass seed to homeowners across Australia. Eykamp is most famous for their high-quality signature Kikuyu grass seeds grown on their property in Quirindi NSW.

Why Choose Eykamp Kikuyu Products?

If you want to grow a lush lawn that is soft to touch, low maintenance, drought, frost-tolerant, and self-repairing, Eykamp Kikuyu seeds are your best choice. Eykamp stay ahead of the game by continuously breeding new species of Kikuyu seed for various uses, which is why Specialist Sales is proud to stock Eykamp Kikuyu seed

Whether you’re looking for a new lawn or to revitalize an existing one, Eykamp Kikuyu’s premium seeds will give you the results you desire.


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