Imtrade Cropscience is 100% Australian owned and operated, and known to be at the cutting edge of the agricultural chemical industry. Imtrade’s very own team of scientists has been developing, refining, and growing its product range since 1981.

Why Choose Imtrade Products?

Imtrade is more than just a chemical manufacturer, it’s a leading researcher, developer and innovator of agricultural chemicals and crop protection solutions. WA based, with a nationally-accredited laboratory, Imtrade has designed a product range that allows farmers to target specific pests and weeds, while retaining flexibility in their cropping programs.

As a technically proficient brand with an extensive registration and patent portfolio, you can trust that the Imtrade range is a smart choice for Australian growers. Its popular and effective herbicide products, including the Commander Dual Herbicide and the Rapid 750 WG Herbicide have been firm favourites with our customers at Specialist Sales, helping you to control Blackberry, Gorse & Harrisia Cactus as well as unwanted timber by stem injection.

View the full range of Imtrade’s pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, termiticides, soil fumigants, growth regulators, and wetting agents below.