Envy is what you need for frost protection this winter

Frost Photo

Talk about the quiet achiever in our extensive  product range. Let us introduce you to Envy!

Every year crop producers, vegetable growers and garden enthusiasts lose thousands of dollars and plants to frost. The battle against frost is becoming increasingly difficult. There is however an affordable, non toxic and effective solution that  Specialist Sales is now stocking.

Envy is used to protect plants against climatic moisture loss, windburn, sunburn and frost. It is ideal to start using now as we head into winter and will protect your plants, trees, and crops from extreme weather conditions. Envy is widely known in the industry as the go-to solution to fight the war against frost damage

Envy works in a very unique way. Consisting of an exclusive water emulsifiable polymer concentrate, it can be used on most crops, trees, vegetables, turf, ornamental and flower crops during extreme climatic conditions.

With its non-toxic formula, Envy is pH neutral and completely biodegradable, so is ideal to use in gardens, around trees, vegetables and other crops.

Once applied and dry, Envy forms a semi permeable, biodegradable film that reduces transpiration and protects plants from climatic extremes.

The best thing about Envy particularly at this time of the year, is that it provides frost protection and can increase frost tolerance by as much as 4°C.

Envy is recommended to use every two to three weeks during the frost period to avoid frost damage. It is particularly good when used on young trees during these times. Envy is a high quality product that commercial producers and gardeners alike can rely on.

In the warmer months Envy provides heat protection and can reduce moisture loss through transpiration by up to 50%, reducing drought stress and irrigation requirements, saving valuable water.  

Importantly Envy will not impede photosynthesis and normal plant growth, ensuring plants continue to thrive and survive through our extreme climate conditions. 

Available in a number of PACK SIZES suitable for all applications including 1L, 5L, 20L (200L and 1000L). With our FREE shipping, Australia wide, Specialist Sales is here to help you find the best products for all your garden, turf and cropping  requirements.

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