New Animal Supplement Treating Internal Worms in Livestock

Cattle Grazing

Just released to the market and available through Specialist Sales is a new and innovative animal nutrition supplement and cattle drench called Livamol® with Bioworma® from International Animal Health.

Specialist Sales has introduced Livamol® with Bioworma® to its broad range of animal health products due to its all-natural ability to control worms in cattle, sheep and other livestock. Livamol® with Bioworma® contains the natural biological control, BioWorma®, that captures and consumes infective worm larvae (including chemical resistant/anthelmintic multi-resistant larvae) within the manure of cattle, sheep and other grazing animals. 

Livamol® with Bioworma® contains the spores of a natural fungus – Duddingtonia flagrans, found naturally in soils and pastures all around the world. These spores are fed to grazing animals through a feed supplement and have no impact on the host animal. The spores pass through the animal onto the pasture via their manure where they trap and eat the larvae of major parasitic worms in cattle, sheep, goats and horses. 

Livamol® with Bioworma® also interrupts the crucial re-infestation stage of the parasites’ life cycle, reducing the amount of re-infection on the pasture, slowing potential chemical overuse and resistance. Livamol® with Bioworma® is an all-natural alternative to drenching your cattle, sheep and other grazing animals.

The fungus is particularly effective against barber’s pole worm (Haemonchus), brown stomach worm (Teladosagia), black scour worm (Trichlostrongulus), intestinal worm (Cooperia spp) and thread necked worm (Nematodirus). 

Before using the product the animals should be treated with an effective chemical drench, all available through Specialist Sales, and moved onto pastures that haven’t been grazed by the same animal species for a minimum of six weeks.

They would then be fed daily rations to cut the number of infective worm larvae which would help slow chemical resistance and reduce the number of chemical drenches over time.

If you want to ensure the longevity of your cattle and livestock, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact Specialist Sales today or check out our range of animal health products.

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