Supporting livestock through dry times or drought stress

Supporting livestock through drought

When cattle experience dry or drought conditions, they often suffer from widespread nutritional stress. The lack of protein and energy that the cattle experience decreases the growth rate of calves and decreases the reproductive efficiency of cows and bulls.

Unfortunately, the stress of dry or drought conditions and the lack of protein and energy-dense pastures result in the animal’s immunity suffering. When the immunity of an animal is compromised, its ability to gain weight is undermined, leading to underweight and ill cattle. Many health disorders that impact on weight gain can go undiagnosed or unrecognised. In the long term, this means underperforming cattle and less money in your pocket.

Trace minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients are important factors in maintaining a healthy immunity in livestock. Trace element supplementation not only prevents trace mineral deficiencies but proper trace mineral supplementation optimises natural resistance through the animal’s immune system.

Cattle production today considers nutrient supplementation beyond just correcting deficiencies. Trace elements like zinc, manganese, selenium, and copper as well as antioxidant vitamins (A, D & E) are very important to enhance animal health and, ultimately, optimal weight gain.

It is important that injectable trace mineral combinations and oral supplements be used together to support optimal immune systems, weight gain, and reproductive health. One should not be supplemented for the other.

Specialist Sales stocks the leading injectable mineral supplement MULTIMIN Injection for Cattle. MULTIMIN is a chelated trace mineral injection for beef and dairy cattle. It is highly effective in treating cattle that are deficient in manganese, zinc, selenium, and/or copper supplementation. MULTIMIN is an injectable source of zinc, manganese, copper, and selenium and significantly increases the trace mineral status of cattle. It is ideal for topping up trace minerals prior to critical events (eg. joining, calving, marking, weaning) when demand may increase.

MULTIMIN is ideal for strategic herd management due to its water-based formula that contains the four most essential trace minerals for reproduction, immunity, and growth. The concept is to “top up” essential trace mineral levels prior to critical events such as calving and joining.

Highly bio-available, MULTIMIN has been formulated to deliver a balanced ratio of zinc, manganese, copper, and selenium that bypasses the rumen for direct uptake through the blood.
It has an aqueous formulation minimising site pain at the point of injection and reactions that are sometimes associated with other trace mineral injections.

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