For over 80 years, Pharmachem has held a unique position in Australian agriculture. While other brands focus solely on crop protection, Pharmachem goes beyond, offering a holistic approach to farm health and productivity

Why choose Pharmachem?

Pharmachem’s strength lies in its diverse range of products. From crop protection to animal health and farm hygiene products, Specialist Sales has been stocking this range knowing it will be a cost-effective range suitable for the needs of our customers. Including products like Swat Pour-On Insecticide for Cattle and Swat Insecticide for Horses. And Iodine Antiseptic Solution 10%. 

Pharmachem invests heavily in research and development, consistently churning out cutting-edge formulations. They prioritize eco-friendly solutions with reduced environmental impact and increased target specificity. Popular examples include the low-odor fly repellent Swat®.

Pharmachem places emphasis on animal health and welfare. Their treatments and supplements contribute to healthy livestock, translating to improved product quality and reduced antibiotic use.

Pharmachem prioritises innovation, expertise, animal welfare, and sustainability in their products and we’re proud to supply these products to our customers.