How important is it to get the right drench applicator?

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How important is it to get the right drench applicator? This question is something the Specialist Sales team is asked regularly by cattle and sheep producers across Australia. Customers are often baffled as to why their applicator gun no longer works. In many circumstances, customers are unaware that various chemicals can impact on the seals and rubbers within their applicator gun and they actually require a different gun for different purposes.

Drench applicator guns for specific purposes

Cattle tick inhibitors, containing the active ingredient fluazuron, require an applicator gun with a Santoprene draw-off hose and washers and seals that can withstand the harshness of this chemical. A regular applicator will break down when using this active ingredient, which, in the case for some sheep, can be lousicides.

There are applicators within this range that also have fan tipped nozzles explicitly designed to place the product along either side of the backbone, where it is required. In the case of oral drenches, the applicator gun needs a different nozzle (or floating hook extension), preferably steel, as these are less likely to be damaged by teeth while being used. Different nozzles are usually required depending on the application use.

Choosing the right drench applicator for your needs.

When considering what applicator gun best suits your needs, always think about the dose rate required for each pour-on drench and the size of the animal you’re treating. Also, consider the barrel size within the applicator gun to ensure you’re using the most efficient drench gun for your requirements.

Caring for your applicator gun.

Aftercare of the applicator gun is paramount to ensure the longevity of the seals and hoses. At the close of the working day, it is advised that the applicator gun is washed out and cleaned thoroughly with warm soapy water. Afterwards, lubricant or oil should be lightly applied to the seals and rubbers throughout the gun. It is not ideal to leave pour-on sitting in the gun overnight as it will degrade the seals and hose.

If you do have problems with your applicator gun, there are service kits available to repair damaged seals and washers, but remember to take note of where these items go when putting the gun back together.

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