Using a thermal fogger for effective insect control

Gas mini fogger in use

Fogging machines can be used for deep cleaning and disinfection, but, did you know that mini gas foggers have been used in insect and pest control for years?

What is an insect control fogging machine?

Insect foggers are used in the control and eradication of unwanted insects, effective in especially hard to reach spaces. They are simple, easy to use, and very effective. Thermal foggers are the most popular type of insect control foggers, using heat to generate the required fog.

 How does a thermal fogger work?

Thermal foggers take a liquid insecticide and use a heat coil to convert the liquid into super fine fog. The coils in thermal foggers warm up using small butane gas cylinders, getting hot enough to convert liquid into fog. This is then blown out of the fogger, covering all sides of the surrounding area.

Why use an insect control fogger?

So you ask why use a fogger? Simple, using a fogger is quick, easy and effective.

Foggers produce a large number of particles and apply a thin, even coverage of chemical solution over an area. This is an effective way of treating both a surface and airspace.

Insects are very small and can access hard to reach areas. When applying chemicals to a surface it is important to have the best coverage over the entire area, so the chemicals are in contact with whatever is on the surface. Standard spraying creates a number of large uneven particles that do not always cover the entire surface. Fogging, in contrast, creates a high density fog (cloud) that easily covers hard to reach areas. 

Fogging machines have an adjustable flow, allowing smooth even coverage of the chemical solution depending on the chemical used and the situation. Due to the distribution of smaller particles, there is very little wet residue left behind on surfaces, improving the efficacy of the product in a fast and safe manner.

Which insect control fogger should I use?

Our buying division has reviewed several different types of foggers on the market. We’ve looked across different brands and have selected the Insect Zero MS-5000 Mini Gas Fogger as the best insect control fogger available.

So what makes the Insect Zero MS-5000 Mini Gas Fogger so effective?

  • The device is compact
  • The device is lightweight
  • Very quiet
  • Easy to load, easy to use
  • Affordable

As an effective thermal fogger, it is designed to be used conveniently at any place and at any time to exterminate insects and germs.

The fogger is suitable for applications in many areas including:

  • Houses, Sheds, Barracks, Commercial Premises & Containers.
  • Domestic Premises, Factory, Hospital Pest Control, Hotel And/or Motels.
  • Industrial And/or Domestic Premises.
  • Kennels, Animal Living Areas, Pest Control, Milking Sheds, Mills And/or Food Processing Plants.
  • Offices, Poultry Shed, Public Premises, Schools, Ships, Stables, Storage Sheds, Store Rooms & Warehouses.
  • Small crop areas & orchards.

Like most other foggers, the Insect Zero MS-5000 Mini Gas Fogger uses LPG gas to heat the coil element housed in a metal tube. As the hand pump is activated, the liquid insecticide is turned to gas, and the fogger blows our vapor in a visible cloud that consists of thousands of tiny droplets, which are dispersed into the air. 

The Mini Gas Fogger can spray either water or oil based solutions and is commonly used in the pest control industry as a fumigation tool.

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