When it comes to agricultural inputs, Macspred stands as a leading Australian company with over 30 years of expertise in production and distribution. As a trusted and reliable supplier, Macspred has earned its place as a valued partner to Specialist Sales and our customers.

Why choose Macspred

Macspred offers an extensive range of top-quality products, including herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and seed treatments. They understand that every farm and crop is unique, which is why they also offer custom formulations tailored to optimize crop yields. Macspred products are not only effective but also designed with environmental responsibility in mind, aligning with our shared vision of promoting sustainable farming practices.

At Specialist Sales, we proudly stock Macspred’s renowned herbicides, which have become customer favorites. Our customers rely on Macspred herbicides to combat noxious woody weeds with products like Picloram Herbicide. For broadleaf weed control, we offer Hexmac 750SG HerbicideTrimac GR Granular Herbicide, and Sulfomac 750 WG Herbicide. These high-performance herbicides have proven their efficacy and consistently deliver results.