Payload Herbicide (Flumioxazin)

Payload Herbicide
Active Ingredient: Flumioxazin @ 750g/kg

Payload Herbicide is for enhanced knockdown and residual control of various grass and broadleaved weeds in non-crop areas.

Payload Herbicide is registered to control a wide range of weeds for up to 9 months on roadsides and rights of way, country areas, guideposts & road furniture, rail tracks, power – transmission sites and under powerlines, around buildings and infrastructure and along fencelines.

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Payload Herbicide (Flumioxazin) PAYLOAD Macspred


Payload Herbicide
Active Ingredient: Flumioxazin @ 750g/kg

Payload Herbicide is for enhanced knockdown and residual control of various grass and broadleaved weeds in non-crop areas.

Payload Herbicide is registered to control over 40 annual and perennial weeds and extensive trial work in Australia shows control of a wide range of weeds for up to 9 months.

Where can Payload Herbicide be used;

  • Roadsides and rights of way – Railtrack Power Infrastructure Fenceline Roadsides in urban and country areas, guideposts & road furniture.
  • Railtrack – Rail ballast and cess area, sidings, signals and crossings.
  • Power – Transmission sites and under powerlines.
  • Infrastructure – Around buildings and infrastructure.
  • Fenceline – Maintain fencelines.

What are some of the weeds Payload Herbicide controls;

Amaranth or amaranthus Sow or milk thistle Fleabane – conyza bonariensis
Blackberry nightshade Summer grass Green summer grass – B. subquadripara
Bladder ketmia Turnip weed Ipomoea spp.
Blue billygoat weed Wild mustard Marsh or smallflower mallow
Caltrop or yellow vine Wild radish Milkweed
Capeweed Wild turnip – brassica tournefortii Perennial ryegrass
Common sida Wireweed Phyllanthus
Crowsfoot grass Annual Ryegrass Redflower mallow
Fat hen Balsam pear Spiny spider flower
Feathertop rhodes grass Awnless barnyard grass Square weed or borreria
Giant or black pigweed Calopo Squirrel-tail fescue or silver grass
Pigweed spp. Creeping Speedwell Stinging or dwarf nettle
Ribwort, ribgrass or lamb’s tongue Dense Crassula Toad rush

Pack Size: 930gram – Each 930gm pack contains 10 x 93gm water-soluble sachets
Registrant: Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Limited (APVMA #: 86471)

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Features & Benefits

  • Contains the active ingredient Flumioxazin.
  • Operational Flexibility – you don’t have to wait for rain to apply the herbicide. Payload is stable in the solid and will activate when the first rain occurs.
  • Safe to trees and surrounding vegetation. No off-site movement or leaching.
  • Robust resistance management and a way to reduce dependency on Glyphsoate.
  • Conveniently packaged in water soluble bags of two sizes.
    • Hectare pack for boom applications
    • Smaller pack for spot spraying in 200L Water
  • Payload is complementary to a wide variety of of tank mixing partners
  • Payload is the ideal herbicide for control of weeds germinating from wind blown seeds.
  • Payload is compatible with glyphosate, paraquat, imazapyr, sulfometuron and bromacil.

Directions Of Use

Boom Spraying (enhanced burndown and long term residual control): 372 – 465g per sprayed Ha (4-5 bags of 93gm)

High Volume Spot Spraying: 372 – 465g per sprayed Ha (4-5 bags of 93gm)

  • Estimate the water rate to be applied per hectare by spraying 10m2 (roughly 3.2 x 3.2m) and recording the amount of water used to achieve good coverage of weeds and soil.
  • Multiply this amount by 1000 to give the water rate per hectare.
  • Add the recommended rate per hectare to this amount of water for spot spraying (or in the same proportions).
  • Note: areas with large weeds and grasses may require up 1000L/ha.
  • For example, if the water volume required per 10 m2 to achieve good coverage is 1L, the rate required per hectare (10 000 m2) will be 1000L. The Payload rate required will be 465g per 1000L of spray water, or one 93g bag per 200L.

Payload Herbicide needs at least 15mm of irrigation or rain to activate, and therefore should be applied during the main rainfall period.

Thorough wetting of foliage present is needed and if long term residual is required then the herbicide must reach the ground at the same rate as for boom spraying.

Rates are a general guide only. Before opening, carefully read Payload Herbicide directions for use, precautionary and protection statements, storage and disposal, safety directions and first aid instructions.

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Around Guide Posts, Around Buildings , Commercial And Industrial Areas, Fence Lines, Railway Line Weed Control, Rights Of Way & Roadside Weed Control Amaranth Or Amaranthus, Annual Ryegrass, Awnless Barnyard Grass, Balsam Pear, Blackberry Nightshade, Bladder Ketmia, Blue Billygoat Weed, Calopo, Caltrop Or Yellow Vine, Capeweed, Common Sida, Creeping Speedwell, Crowsfoot Grass, Dense Crassula, Fat Hen, Feathertop Rhodes Grass, Fleabane - Conyza Bonariensis, Giant Or Black Pigweed, Green Summer Grass - B. Subquadripara, Ipomoea Spp., Marsh Or Smallflower Mallow, Milkweed, Perennial Ryegrass, Phyllanthus, Pigweed Spp., Redflower Mallow, Ribwort, Ribgrass Or Lamb's Tongue, Sickle Pod, Sow Or Milk Thistle, Spiny Spider Flower, Square Weed Or Borreria, Squirrel-Tail Fescue Or Silver Grass, Stinging Or Dwarf Nettle, Summer Grass, Toad Rush, Turnip Weed, Wild Mustard, Wild Radish, Wild Turnip - Brassica Tournefortii, Wireweed

Tips For Use

General Instructions:

  • Payload is a water dispersible granule formulation and is contained within a water soluble bag.
  • The water soluble bags dissolve readily in water.
  • Do not handle water soluble bags or expose to moisture because this may cause breakages.
  • Do not touch bags with wet hands or place on wet surfaces.
  • Do not damage foil sachets that contain the water soluble bags.
  • Protect unused Sachets by keeping them in the original container.
  • Open Sachets only as needed.
  • To ensure even mixing, half-fill the spray tank with clean water.
  • Tear open the necessary number of sachets and drop the water soluble bags contained in them into the spray tank without touching the bags.
  • Keep the agitation system engaged.
  • Mix thoroughly until fully dissolved. Add the knockdown herbicide and remaining water.
  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Add spray additive near the end of the filling process to minimize foaming.
  • Always maintain adequate agitation during application and use the tank mix promptly.


  • Apply in a minimum of 200L spray solution per hectare.
  • Refer to the directions for use and general instructions of the knockdown herbicide label.
  • As payload is a contact herbicide, coverage is important.
  • Performance of payload as a knockdown or with a partner on weeds may be reduced with large droplets and poor coverage.
  • Air induction nozzles that deliver coarse droplets at high travelling speeds, low pressure and low water rates may reduce coverage and herbicide performance.
  • Air induction nozzles can produce variable results when used with oil.
  • Do not use air induction nozzles with a spray oil such as hasten.
  • Best results with payload are achieved with a wide angle flat fan or twin jet nozzles.


  • Payload Herbicide is compatible with: Glyphosate 450, Roundup Powermax Herbicide, Roundup Ready Herbicide with Plant Shield, Roundup Max Herbicide by Monsanto, Nufarm Weedmaster DST or Nufarm Weedmaster Argo Dual Salt Technology Herbicide, Spray.Seed 250 Herbicide or Nufarm Revolver Herbicide, Gramoxone Herbicide or Nufarm Nuquat 250 Non-residual Knockdown Herbicide, 2,4-D Ester Herbicide or Nufarm Estercide Xtra 680 or Nufarm Estercide 800 Herbicide, Nufarm Amicide Advance 700 Selective Herbicide, Hasten, Kwickin and Banjo at 0.5-1L/100L and with Uptake at 0.5L/100L


  • Do not allow entry into treated areas until spray has dried.
  • If prior entry is necessary wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist (or equivalent clothing) and chemical resistant gloves.
  • Clothing must be laundered after each day’s use.


  • Protection Of Crops, Native And Other Non-Target Plants:
    Do not apply payload herbicide under weather conditions (e.G. Wind) or from spray equipment that may cause spray to drift onto nearby susceptible crops/plants, cropping lands or pastures.
  • Care should be taken to avoid damage to adjoining native grasses or grass crops.
  • Payload herbicide should not be applied through misting equipment or any other method likely to cause excessive drift.

Protection Of Wildlife, Fish, Crustaceans And Environment:

  • Very toxic to aquatic life.
  • Do not contaminate wetlands or watercourses with this product or used containers.
  • Do not apply payload herbicide if wind is likely to cause drift onto natural and impounded lakes, waterways, streams or rivers.


  • Do not apply by aircraft.
  • Do not apply by a vertical sprayer.
  • Do not apply by misting machines.
  • Do not apply for residual weed control until the start of the main rain season when significant soil wetting rain has occurred (at least 15mm) and more rain is likely within three weeks, or the soil can be irrigated with sprinklers.
  • Do not apply for residual control if a large population of big weeds is present or large amounts of trash – as these may prevent the chemical reaching the soil.
  • Do not apply if heavy rains or storms are forecast within 3 days.
  • Do not apply on sandy soils in areas where the slope exceeds 4%.
  • Do not apply in high pH water (pH >7).
  • Do not allow the spray mix to stand overnight.
  • Do not disturb the treated soil surface after application.
  • Do not make more than two applications per year. A minimum interval of 3 months between applications must be observed.
  • Do not apply to areas where treated dust is thrown up by vehicle traffic or strong wind is likely to blow on to crops or gardens as this may cause spotting. Apples, pears and stone fruit are particularly sensitive and a buffer of 250m may be required.

Spray Drift Restraints:

  • Do not allow bystanders to come into contact with the spray cloud.
  • Do not apply in a manner that may cause an unacceptable impact to native vegetation, agricultural crops, landscaped gardens and aquaculture production, or cause contamination of plant or livestock commodities, outside the application site from spray drift. The buffer zones below provide guidance but may not be sufficient in all situations. Wherever possible, correctly use application equipment designed to reduce spray drift and apply when the wind direction is away from these sensitive areas.
  • Do not apply unless the wind speed is between 3 and 20 kilometres per hour at the application site during the time of application.
  • Do not apply if there are hazardous surface temperature inversion conditions present at the application site during the time of application. Surface temperature inversion conditions exist most evenings one to two hours before sunset and persist until one to two hours after sunrise.
  • Do not apply by a boom sprayer unless the following requirements are met:
    spray droplets not smaller than a COARSE spray droplet size category
    minimum distances between the application site and downwind sensitive areas are observed.

Mandatory No-Spray Zones:

  • Do not apply if there are sensitive crops, gardens, landscaping vegetation, protected native vegetation or protected animal habitat within 50 metres downwind from the application area.
  • Do not apply if there are aquatic and wetland areas including aquacultural ponds, surface streams and rivers within 5 metres downwind from the application area.


  • Store in a locked room or place away from children, animals, food, feedstuffs and fertilizers.
  • Store in the closed, original container in a dry, cool well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not store in or expose the product to wet conditions. Rough handling of the product may cause breakage of water-soluble bags, especially at low temperatures.

Safety Directions:

  • Poisonous if absorbed by skin contact or swallowed.
  • May irritate the eyes and skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • Open sachets only as needed.
  • When opening the container and preparing spray and using the prepared spray, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist (or equivalent clothing) and elbow-length chemical resistant gloves and goggles.
  • After use and before eating, drinking or smoking, wash hands, arms and face thoroughly with soap and water.
  • After each day’s use wash gloves, goggles, and contaminated clothing.

First Aid Warnings:

  • Warning: Contains flumioxazin which causes birth defects in laboratory animals. Women of child bearing age should avoid contact with flumioxazin

First Aid:

  • If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131 126.
  • For further information, refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Withholding Period

Withholding Period Details: (WHP)

  • Non-crop areas grazing: Do not graze or cut for stock food for 4 weeks after application.

SDS & Technical

Payload Herbicide Label Download Pdf
Payload Herbicide SDS Download Pdf
Payload Herbicide Brochure Download Pdf

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