If you are looking for a company that is leading edge in the development and manufacturing of crop solutions, then Nufarm is the brand for you. Nufarm sells crop protection solutions to Australian farmers including herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides that help protect crops against weeds, pests, and disease. Established in the agricultural industry for 100 years, Nufarm has been finding more effective ways to fight disease, weeds, and pests to increase crop yields, something every farmer is looking for, by turning world-leading scientific breakthroughs into local on-farm solutions. Crop solution herbicides like Kamba M, Weedmaster, Weedmaster Duo,  Bromicide, and Amicide Advance are just a few of Nufarm’s leading in-crop products.

Why Choose Nufarm?

Based in Australia but with global reach, Nufarm aims to deliver more sustainable solutions to Australian farmers through the latest technology in safety and environmental stewardship. Not only are their crop solution chemicals effective, but they are also backed by decades of science and working with researchers and farmers to improve product development.

Specialist Sales is proud to stock a range of Nufarm products. We believe that their products are of the best quality available on the market, and we are passionate about providing our customers with products that will help them improve their crop yields.