Seasol is a company dedicated to promoting and nurturing growth. With a core belief that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a garden and grow their own food naturally, Seasol creates products that help individuals achieve this goal. With decades of experience in working with farmers, orchardists, and commercial growers, Seasol’s products are also trusted and used by professionals in the industry.

Why Choose Seasol Products?

Seasol is best known for its liquid seaweed fertilizers, which are suitable for both home gardeners and commercial growers. The company’s organically-based fertilizers and soil conditioners help plants thrive in all conditions, ensuring healthy gardens and crops, improving soil health, and delivering higher yields and spectacular gardens. 

At Specialist Sales, we have been stocking Seasol products for many years, and our customers have been impressed with the results. We currently carry a variety of Seasol products, including PastureMasta Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner, Seasol Seaweed Concentrate, and Acadian Roots & Shoots Builder