Bayer CropScience

Bayer is an established player in the agriculture market, supplying Australia with leading products and expert advice for almost 100 years. Their areas of expertise include seed, plant biotechnology, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control.

Why choose Bayer products?

Bayer aims to develop solutions that benefit Australian farmers, their customers, the environment, and the economy. They have a history of working closely with businesses and research partners to create a future of food security and quality of life. Aiming to be leading innovators in crop protection and environmental science, they are always on the lookout to develop further solutions for Australian agriculture.  

At Specialist Sales we are proud to offer a range of Bayers’s most prominent and successful products like Roundup Biactive Herbicide, Initiator Systemic Plan Insecticide and Fertiliser, Silvashield Injectable Tree Insecticide, Ficam W Insecticide, and we encourage our customers to try them out.