NJ Phillips

NJ Phillips has been making quality products for the animal health, horticulture, and forestry industry for over 90 years. With a proud history of working with farmers, producers, and animal health companies they make products that are practical and easy to use. Accuracy, quality, and ease of use are why their products are so successful. NJ Phillips offers a broad range of injectors, and topical and oral applicators to treat animal health issues and to aid in woody weed eradication.

Why choose NJ Phillips?

NJ Phillips has developed reliable, practical, and easy-to-use products like injectors, drenchers, pour-on applicators for animal use, metal tree injectors, and splatter gun applicators for woody weed eradication. They also offer accessories like backpacks, backpack holders, needles, nozzles, and service kits.

Specialist Sales is a proud stockist of the NJ Phillips product range. We believe their products are of the highest quality, and we are passionate about providing our customers with products that are practical and easy to use and help with the improvement of their animal health and woody weed management strategies.