All New Exiguard Buffalo Fly Insecticide

Exiguard Buffalo Fly Insecticide 5L

Specialist Sales customers will have noticed that Supona® (Chlorfenvinphos) has not been available for sale for more than 12 months making Buffalo Fly in Beef and Dairy cattle even more difficult to control.

All NEW Exiguard Buffalo Fly Insecticide for Beef & Dairy Cattle has just hit the market and is now being sold by Specialist Sales to fill the void in buffalo fly control products left by Supona®.

All NEW Exiguard Buffalo Fly Insecticide is only available in 5L containers. The special formulation can be used in conjunction with backrubbers and as an overspray for effective control of buffalo fly.

All NEW Exiguard Buffalo Fly Insecticide has the active ingredient Chlorfenvinphos mixed with the solvent Hydrocarbon.

Buffalo fly has become an increasing problem for cattle producers in the north of Australia. The problem is becoming more widespread and producers are now finding the fly in areas as far south as Dubbo in central NSW. Buffalo fly continues to have widespread economic and animal health impact on herds throughout Australia and the effective treatment of them is paramount in controlling the problem.

Buffalo flies are small biting flies that live permanently on host cattle. Adult flies can live for 2-3 weeks and are continuously laying eggs before they die. Female flies can lay up to 360 eggs before they die. Buffalo fly transmit a small parasitic worm that causes sores around the eyes, neck, and shoulders of cattle. This creates extreme aggravation to cattle, bringing infection and causing the beast to rapidly lose condition, including weight loss, lower milk production, and permanent hide damage.

Cattle infested with buffalo flies are continuously fighting flies instead of grazing. If you have bulls in your herd, suppressed reproductive activity can also occur under heavy fly pressure. Animal welfare is an important consideration as cattle suffer constant irritation, painful bites causing distress; and they graze less while continuously rubbing to relieve irritation.

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