A Doramectin drench alternative

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For many years, producers have been using cattle drenches containing doramectin to aid in the control of internal parasites, ticks, and mange in cattle and pigs. Avoiding resistance is an important part of any drench program, which is why the demand for products that aid in the rotation of doramectin-containing drenches has been so high. We’re introducing you to an all-new powerhouse in the drench market – Bovipour Pour-On for Beef and Dairy Cattle.

Why is it important to rotate drenches?

The large variety of parasites and their short life cycle, combined with their rapid breeding rates, make drug resistance a very real problem. One answer to this problem is drench rotation. Rotating drenches and their active chemicals is a critical part of making sure chemical resistance is avoided. 

It is important to note that rotation is different from just changing brands. Producers need to ensure the active ingredient is different and regularly alternated.

Bovipour – a new endectocide drench pour-on

Helping with the headache of rotation, the all-new Bovipour Pour-On for Beef and Dairy Cattle is a new endectocide pour-on for the treatment and control of doramectin-sensitive internal and external parasites for cattle and pigs.

Containing the important Macrocyclic Lactone (ML) Doramectin, Bovipour is extremely effective in the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, buffalo fly in cattle plus eye worms, sucking and biting lice, mange mites, and cattle ticks.

With its broader coverage & longer protection, Bovipour has quickly gained a reputation for being a powerhouse in the pour-on market. It is an ideal drench to use on its own or as a rotational alternative to avoid internal and external parasite resistance in your herd.  Doramectin drenches have been highly sought after by Northern cattle producers, particularly in their battle for cattle tick control.

Bovipour Pour-On is ideally suited to rotate with Ivermectin pour-on-based products like CattlePro,  or Moxidectin-based products like Moximax.

Rotating chemical ingredients is paramount in avoiding resistance so if you need advice on a suitable rotation strategy, our friendly staff are here to help via our website or free call at 1800 780 317.

Bovipour is now available

Available in pack sizes of 5L & 15L there is a size to suit all producers. With our FREE shipping Australia-wide, Specialist Sales is here to help you find the best pour-on drench for all your cattle requirements.

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