Amgrow Home Garden is one of Australia’s largest home garden product suppliers, offering a wide range of solutions that allow the home gardener to see improved results in their gardens. From wetting agents to maintain your lawn while conserving water, to herbicides targeting weeds, Amgrow has developed an essential range of solutions to deliver proven results.

Why Choose Amgrow Products?

Amgrow boasts a fully integrated manufacturing facility, allowing for complete control at every step of the production process. Everything from raw material sourcing, to composting, and bagging, right through to distribution is managed by the Amgrow team, so you can be confident the end product is always of the highest quality and complies with Australian Standards. For gardeners that prefer to use 100% natural products, it also has a range of organic gardening products, including BFA (Biological Farmers Association) certified organic inputs. 

At Specialist Sales, we’re proud to stock a comprehensive range of Amgrow garden products. Browse below or view some of the most popular products, including DSMA Selective Herbicide to control paspalum, summergrass, mullumbimby couch, crabgrass and nutgrass. Or for the organic gardeners, try the Nutri-Grow Plus Organic Fertiliser and Insecticide, which is an effective, safe, non-toxic alternative to conventional chemicals and pesticides to control the black beetle and lawn army worm.