International Animal Health

For over 40 years, International Animal Health (IAH) has been a silent guardian of Australian livestock. They specialise in natural and ethically sourced products that promote animal health and well-being while minimizing environmental impact. 

Why choose International Animal Health?

Unlike many brands relying on synthetic chemicals, IAH prioritizes naturally derived solutions. Their products utilize essential oils, herbal extracts, and other readily available ingredients to boost immunity, prevent diseases, and combat parasites. This focus resonates with farmers seeking responsible and eco-friendly alternatives.

IAH products are meticulously formulated to address specific animal health concerns. They offer a diverse range including, nutritional supplements, immune boosters, and parasite control. Popular products include Ausmectin Cattle Pour-On, Ausmectin Sheep Drench, and Livamol with Bioworma.

International Animal Health offers a unique and sustainable approach to livestock health. Their natural products, targeted effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and commitment to research make them a compelling choice for farmers seeking responsible and effective solutions for their animals’ well-being.