Raizon Herbicide (Triclopyr & Picloram)

Surefire Raizon Herbicide is registered for control of a range of environmental and noxious woody and herbaceous weeds. Once applied, Raizon moves quickly to the tips of growing shoots and roots where the active ingredient disrupts plant growth.

Active Ingredients: 300g/l Triclopyr & 100g/l Picloram

Similar Or Comparable Products:  Grazon DS (Dow Agroscience), Conqueror (Nufarm), Fightback (ADAMA), Picker (Imtrade), Scrubba (Axichem), Hatchet (Conquest) & Woody (Apparent)

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Raizon Herbicide (Triclopyr & Picloram) RAIZON PCT


Surefire Raizon Herbicide

Active Ingredients: 300g/l Triclopyr & 100g/l Picloram

Similar Or Comparable Products:  Grazon DS (Dow Agroscience), Conqueror (Nufarm), Fightback (ADAMA), Picker (Imtrade), Scrubba (Axichem), Hatchet (Conquest) & Woody (Apparent)

Surefire Raizon Herbicide is registered for control of a range of environmental and noxious woody and herbaceous weeds as specified. Once applied, Raizon moves quickly to the tips of growing shoots and roots where the active ingredient disrupts plant growth.

  • The active ingredients Triclopyr & Picloram have activity on a range of broadleaf weeds. 
  • Raizon Herbicide is classified as a group I Herbicide. Once applied the weed cannot continue to grow due to the disruption of cell growth of the plant.
  • Raizon is registered for the control of a range of environmental, noxious and herbaceous weeds as specified in the directions of use table (supplied with the product). 
  • Once applied, Raizon moves to the tips of growing shoots and roots, where the Triclopyr and Picloram affects the plants growth.

Major Weeds Controlled by Surefire Raizon Herbicide:

  • African Boxthorn
  • Blackberry
  • Broom
  • Eucalypt Regrowth
  • Gorse
  • Lantana
  • Manuka
  • Prickly Pear (Cacti)
  • St John’s Wort
  • Sweet Briar
  • Thistles
  • Wattle Regrowth

For woody weed control, Surefire Raizon Herbicide is recommended to be applied via foliar spray.  With foliar spraying, the herbicide is diluted with water at a specific rate and sprayed over the foliage to point of run-off (until every leaf is wetted, but not dripping).  This method is most suited to shrubs and dense vines less than 6m tall.  Advantages include quickness and economy. Disadvantages include the potential for spray drift and off-target damage.

Foliar spraying can be done a number of ways, including:

  • blanket spraying using a boom spray from a tractor.
  • a hose and handgun spraying solution from a herbicide tank.
  • a backpack spray unit.
  • with splatter guns (larger droplets at higher concentrations) for regrowth.

Pack Sizes: 1L, 5L & 20L

Registrant:  PCT Holdings Pty Ltd (APVMA #: 70360)

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Features & Benefits

  • Contains the active ingredients Triclopyr & Picloram.
  • Recommended on hard to kill Noxious Weeds & Woody Weeds.
  • Controls the target weeds without harming pasture grasses.
  • Registered to control of a range of environmental, noxious woody and herbaceous weeds.  
  • Moves quickly to the tips of growing shoots and roots where the active ingredients disrupt plant growth.
  • Includes the active ingredients Picloram and Triclopyr.
  • Cost effective option for foliar spraying of tough-to-kill woody weeds and many noxious herbaceous weeds.
  • Acts on both foliage and roots to provide rapid brownout of leaves, dry-down of stems and destruction of the root mass to prevent regrowth.
  • Can be applied by various methods including High Volume Spraying, Hand Gun, Knapsack, Aerial Application, Controlled Droplet Application (CDA), Low Volume HIgh Concentrate Application Techniques, Gas Powered Gun (ie Splatter Gun), Sprinkler Sprayer, Boom Application & Blanket Wiper.

Directions Of Use

Application Rate:

  • For most weeds the rate of Raizon Herbicide to apply is between 350 and 500 mL per 100 litres of water.
  • Compatible with various Herbicides including Metsulfuron Methyl, 2,4-D Amine 625, Lantana DP 600 and Glyphosate to enhance the spray mix
  • Compatible with various adjuvants including Wetter 1000 & Polyether Modified Polysiloxane Penetrants (ie Pulse, Probe, Eurochem Or Saturate) for best results.
  • Always check the label for the correct rate, application instructions and compatible products.

Equipment Required for Application:

Depending on the size of the job at hand;

  • Large dense infestations (for example, large, old dense blackberry stands) are best treated with a large motorised pump and handgun unit. This equipment can often be hired or a contract spray applicator can be engaged.
  • A suitable knapsack or hand pump spray unit will suffice in many situations, provided that good coverage can be achieved (to the point of run-off).
  • Ideally use a spray unit that is dedicated for application of herbicides only (to avoid cross contamination).
  • Measuring jug.
  • Cotton overalls or long-sleeved shirt and long pants.
  • Washable hat.
  • Elbow-length PVC gloves.
  • Safety glasses or face shield.

Correct Mixing Procedure:

  • If possible, mix Raizon Herbicide with clean water sourced from town supply or a rainwater tank, although any source of clean water may be used. Avoid using water that is particularly ‘hard’ or strongly alkaline as that may reduce herbicide efficacy. Half fill the spray tank with water then add the Raizon Herbicide before adding the remainder of the water. If the product label requires the addition of a spray oil, penetrant or wetting agent to assist in control your particular weed population, mix in once the spray tank is full. 
  • Once mixed, the spray solution should ideally be kept agitated and used immediately. However, if circumstances conspire to interrupt spraying, a mixture of Raizon Herbicide and water can be stored for up to seven days, provided that it is intermittently agitated each day, and well agitated again before use.

Rates are a general guide only. Before opening, carefully read Raizon Herbicide Directions for Use, Precautionary and Protection Statements, Storage and Disposal, Safety Directions and First Aid Instructions.

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Disclaimer: This information and product advice is not intended to be advice or recommendations for any specific use or circumstance. You should seek specialist advice before using any product. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Specialist Sales liability is limited.

Host & Pest

Host Pest
Host & Pest
Agricultural Non-crop Areas, Commercial Area - General, Forest, Industrial Land Or Area, Pasture & Rights Of Way African Boxthorn, Angophora, Australian Or Native Blackthorn, Banksia, Blackberry, Blackberry In Assoc With Other Weed (see, Blue Heliotrope Or Blue Top, Camphor Laurel, Cape Or Montpellier Broom, Casuarina Or Sheoak, Chilean Cestrum, Chinee Apple, Chinese Scrub, Cockspur Thorn, Common Prickly Pear, Common Sensitive Plant, Common Sida, Crofton Weed, Eastern Cotton Bush, English Broom, Eucalyptus, Flax Leaf Broom, Furze Or Gorse, Galenia, Giant Bramble, Groundsel Bush, Hawthorn - Less Than 2 M Tall, Horehound, Japanese Sunflower, Lantana - Lantana Camara, Lantana - Lantana Montevidensis, Limebush, Lion Tail, Manuka, Mesquite, Mesquite - Prosopis Velutina, Mistflower Or Creeping Crofton Weed, Mother-of-millions, Parkinsonia, Rubber Vine - Not Infected With Rust, Siam Weed, Sickle Pod, Smooth Tree Or Drooping Prickly Pear, St John's Wort, Sweet Briar Or Wild Rose, Tobacco Weed, Wattle - Except Corkwood Wattle, Wild Rosemary, Wild Tobacco Tree
Fallow Land Bitter Bark Or Quinine Tree, Blackberry Nightshade - Suppression, Camel Or Afghan Melon, Cowvine, Cucumber Melon, Lucerne - Established, Paddy Melon, Polymeria, Sow Or Milk Thistle
Non-crop Areas On Flood Plains Parkinsonia

Tips For Use

Application Timing for Best Results:

  • In general, smaller weeds are easier to control than large ones. 
  • Raizon Herbicide is most effective when applied to weeds that are not stressed due to lack of moisture, excessive heat, insect or pathogen (such as rust) damage, etc. and are actively growing. Actively growing weeds will draw the chemical into the vascular system and transport it through the stems and down to the roots to ensure maximum efficacy.
  • Raizon Herbicide needs to penetrate into the leaves of treated weeds before any rainfall occurs so do not make applications if rain is possible before the spray is completely dry – usually one hour. Similarly, avoid application if the leaves are wet from rainfall or dew.
  • Once the weeds have been sprayed leave them undisturbed so that the chemical is able to move throughout the leaves, stems and roots and provide complete kill. Disturbing the weeds by slashing, burning, mulching, etc. before the chemical is fully distributed will compromise the control achieved. We recommend that blackberries and other woody weeds not be disturbed for six months after spraying to maximise the performance of Raizon Herbicide.

Application Methods:

  • Apply as a foliar spot spray to completely wet all leaves and stems. Coverage should be to the point of run-off in that the chemical mix is just beginning to drip from the leaves once the spraying is completed. Think of painting a wall and use that motion in your spray action to achieve full coverage of the foliage, then use a more directed stream to thoroughly treat the stems and canes.
  • This type of application is called high volume spraying as you are applying a large amount of spray mixture to the target weeds. Provided that good coverage of the target weed is possible, high volume spraying can be completed using a variety of equipment – from a small hand pump unit to a knapsack sprayer through to a large motorised pump and handgun unit.
  • With a foliar spray you are looking to capture enough chemical on the foliage to kill not only the above-ground portion of the weed but all of the root mass as well, so good coverage is essential. If you are spraying very large weeds like blackberries that are several years old, ensure that canes on the inside as well as outside of the foliage mass receive direct contact with the applied spray. 
  • As a guide, one hectare of blackberries 1–2 metres in height will typically require a spray volume of 3000–4000 litres to be thoroughly covered, whilst the same area of a small herbaceous weed such as ragwort will require 500–1000 litres. 
  • Always refer to the label & directions before using, as some conditions apply to certain weeds, areas of use etc.  Further details of use can be found in the Direction of Use section on the Product Label.
  • Read all product literature for further instructions and consult directions for use label supplied with product prior to use.

Protection of Livestock:

  • Poisonous plants may become more palatable after spraying and stock should be kept away from these plants until they have died down.
  • Many plants remain poisonous after death, and  stock should not be allowed access, as there is a likelihood that they may graze the dead material. Such material should be burnt if possible.

First Aid:

  • If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131 126.
  • For further information, refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Withholding Period

Withholding Period Details (WHP): 

  • Not required when used as directed.

SDS & Technical

Raizon Herbicide Label (APVMA) Download Pdf
Raizon Herbicide Label Download Pdf
Raizon Herbicide SDS Download Pdf
Raizon Herbicide Container Label Download Pdf

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