Allflex is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of animal identification, monitoring, and traceability systems available to producers and has been operating in Australia since 1974. Based in New Zealand, Allflex has been helping Australian producers increase efficiencies, improve growth, and support herd management for decades. Allflex provides animal identification solutions for many animals including cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats. These include visual identification tags and electronic identification tags, including NLIS tags for cattle.

Why use Allflex tags?

The data-driven solutions provided by Allflex are what make their products leaders in animal identification and farm management systems. These simple yet effective solutions provide producers with the information to manage their livestock, monitor their wellbeing, and achieve optimal growth outcomes.

Specialist Sales stock a wide range of Allflex management tags, tag applicators, and electronic tag readers for customers to take advantage of. They are backed by the support of the Allflex team with decades of experience in the animal health industry. With the backing of Allflex quality livestock management products, Specialist Sales remains one of the leading suppliers of animal health products in the country.