How to get rid of Lawn Grub & Armyworm

Armyworm Mature Larva - Lawn Grub

Lawn grubs and armyworms are a real problem for lawns Australia-wide. With rain and warm weather, infestations are occurring at a rapid rate, destroying lawns in their path. Unfortunately, these pests are excellent at migrating and could be causing a problem in your lawn right now, which is why it is important to be vigilant and keep an eye out for these pests. In this article, we’ll explore what these pests are and effective ways to get rid of them, once and for all.


What are lawn grubs?

Lawn grubs are the larvae (or grubs) of the Black Beetle. When Black Beetle eggs are laid and the eggs hatch, the larvae or grubs emerge. These grubs have voracious appetites. They aggressively feed on your lawn roots, literally chewing through the roots and subsequently causing a lot of damage quickly. Lawn grubs thrive in healthy lawn roots and can destroy a large patch of lawn in a single day – meaning your lawn can be perfect one day and destroyed the next! 


What are armyworms?

Armyworms are the surface-feeding caterpillars of the armyworm moths that live on lawns, grass pastures, and cereal crops. They can be identified by three pale stripes running through the length of the body. These stripes stay constant no matter the variation in colour or length of the body. Armyworm moths are often seen flying on warm humid nights and are medium size with a wingspan of 30-40mm. They lay eggs in batches during spring and autumn, with these eggs taking 6-20 days to hatch depending on the local temperature. Once hatched, the larvae begin tunneling into the soil to pupate (turn into a caterpillar). Armyworms are usually found living in the thatch layer of your lawn on top and feed on it in the evening.


How to identify if you have a lawn grub or armyworm problem

Are you wondering if you have a lawn grub or armyworm problem? Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Obvious signs of your lawn rapidly dying 
  • Irregular shaped dead patches occur
  • Lift a piece of lawn and see if it has any roots (or if the roots are destroyed)
  • Seeing moths around your lawns

What is the best treatment for lawn grubs and armyworms?

Treating these pests can be relatively easy using insecticides. At Specialist Sales, we have a broad range of products that can be used for the treatment of lawn grubs and armyworms:

Fivestar Insecticide
Active ingredient – Bifenthrin. The general rates of use are 15mL per 2L Water, which covers ~100sqm. This is a good general insecticide that controls a wide range of indoor and outdoor pests.

Pounce 500 Insecticide
Active ingredient – Permethrin. The general rate of use is 2mL – 4mL per 10L Water, which covers ~ 100sqm. This is a contact and residual insecticide used to control a wide range of insect pests in various situations including some fabrics, outdoor areas, and timbers.

Antstar Granular Insecticide

Active ingredient – Bifenthrin. The general rate of use is 0.6kg per 100sqm. Antstar is a granular insecticide that gives excellent control of ants, ticks, fleas & many turf pests in the garden & outside areas around your home

Acelepryn GR Turf Insecticide
Active ingredient – Chlorantraniliprole. General rates of use are 75kg-150kg per hectare, depending on the pest being treated. This product provides unmatched, season-long (up to 6 months) of grub and caterpillar control, in one single application.

Acelepryn Turf Insecticide
Active ingredients – Chlorantraniliprole @ 200g/L. General rates of use are 750 mL/ha or 7.5mL/100m2 for the control of Lawn Armyworm, African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs, and other insect pests in turf.

Temprid 75 Residual Insecticide
Active ingredient – Imidacloprid @ 50g/L and Cyfluthrin @ 25g/L. General rates of use are 50ml up to 5L water per 100 sqm for non-porous surfaces. For porous surfaces or through the use of power equipment, general rates of use is 50ml up to 10L water per 100 sqm. This is a broad-acting, residual insecticide concentrate. Used for the control of various pests in turf and ornamental plants. Fast-acting, in minutes, not hours.


Get advice for your lawn grub and armyworm problems

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