Elanco Animal Health (formerly Bayer Animal Health) is a leading provider of animal health products for Australian beef, sheep, pig, and poultry producers. The company offers a wide range of innovative products that prevent and control parasites and diseases, supporting productivity gains and improved efficiencies in producer herds and flocks.

Why Choose Elanco Animal Health Products?

Backed by years of research and development, and decades of experience in the Australian market, Elanco Animal Health understand the importance of choosing high-quality, effective and reliable products for your animals. 

The Elanco product portfolio includes cattle products that treat and control a range of parasites, including cattle ticks (Acatak Duo Star) , buffalo fly (Patriot Eartags), gastrointestinal worms (Bomectin Injection), and liver fluke (Exifluke 240 Oral Flukicide). Elanco’s sheep products prevent roundworm and other internal parasites (Zolvix Plus Sheep Drench), as well as blowfly strike and lice (Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep),.

At Specialist Sales, we’ve been stocking Elanco Animal Health products for many years now, and know that our customers appreciate the quality and reliability of their products.