PCT International is an Australian-owned business that provides state-of-the-art pest control solutions for urban and rural agricultural markets. Their primary objective is to manufacture and distribute innovative and environmentally sustainable products that eradicate the problems of insects, termites, and rodents.

Why choose PCT products?

PCT provides a comprehensive selection of insecticides in liquid, dust, granular, and gel forms, offering systematic control against a wide range of insects in various settings such as residential, industrial, agricultural, and commercial buildings.

As an Australian-based manufacturer, PCT specialises in producing liquid termiticides and termite baiting systems. If you are concerned about termite infestations, PCT offers effective solutions to address these issues. 

PCT offers a diverse range of rodenticides tailored specifically for Australian conditions. Manufactured locally, these rodenticides are designed to address rodent problems effectively. Additionally, PCT supplies a proven range of traps and bait stations minimising the risk to pets and other non-target animals.