Indigo Specialty Products

Since its founding in 2002, Indigo Specialty Products has become a leading supplier of specialty chemical products to various industries, including agriculture. The company’s main mission is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers through a broad range of products, including surfactants, emulsifiers, fertilizers, plant nutrition, and pest control.

Why choose Indigo Specialty Products 

What sets Indigo Specialty Products apart from its competitors is its commitment to innovation. The company is constantly developing new products and technologies to meet the increasing needs of the agriculture industry. In addition to innovation, sustainability is also at the core of the company’s values. Indigo Specialty Products uses environmentally friendly processes and raw materials, and offers a range of biodegradable and renewable products to help customers reach their sustainability goals.

At Specialist Sales, we are proud to stock a number of Indigo Specialty Products’ niche agricultural chemicals such as Proforce Duke Herbicide, Rapid Fire 800SG Glyphosate, Numchuk Quad Herbicide, Onset 10GR Herbicide, and Tombstone Duo Fungicide. ​​We also carry turf and garden products like LiquiMaxx N-MAXX 40 Liquid Nitrogen Fertiliser and LiquiMaxx GreenMaxx Fertiliser