Pour-ons are vital to the health and quality of livestock. These easy to administer products safeguard cattle and sheep, in particular, from a vast range of parasites that can quickly impact the health of entire flocks & herds. But when it comes to finding the right pour-on for your needs, you want to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

A broad spectrum cattle pour-on that protects your livestock from a variety of parasites, for an extended period, will save you time and money. Here at Specialist Sales, we’re dedicated to finding the most convenient and affordable pour-on solutions for Australian producers. So we’ve decided to share the features and benefits of our top-selling cattle and sheep pour-ons, and outline how they could enhance parasite prevention and extermination throughout your property. 

Cydectin cattle pour-on

Cydectin is a very potent and persistent pour-on for parasite control among cattle. It protects your herd from both internal and external parasites such as roundworm, barber’s pole worm, several species of stomach and intestinal worms, lungworm, cattle tick (controls for up to 21 days), lice, mites and more. Cydectin will also aid the control of buffalo fly for up to 14 days after treatment. This hardy pour-on is both weatherproof and rainfast, proven to be effective despite shifts in temperature and moderate rainfall. Parasites have less resistance against Cydectin than other macrocyclic lactones (ML), meaning that infection can be prevented altogether.

Furthermore, Cydectin has no known impact on dung beetles, so the nutrients that dung pats provide pastures with is not affected. Most conveniently, the pour-on’s long-lasting effects reduce the frequency of treatment, freeing up more time for you to complete other tasks. Production can also be expedited due to zero meat and milk withholding periods.

At Specialist Sales we know finding the right product to suit your needs is essential, that’s why we stock a wide range of Cydectin products, as well as other cattle pour-on products. Choose from our range which includes Cattleguard, and our own brand Moxistar.

Ivomec cattle pour-on

Ivomec also safeguards cattle from a variety of internal and external parasites including, but not limited to, gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworm, eyeworm, biting and sucking lice, mites, buffalo fly and cattle tick. Ivomec pour-on has been known to control lice in cattle for up to 56 days! It targets parasites in both adult and immature stages of development. It is important to note, Ivomec, and equivalent products can differ in their withholding periods. For example, while Ivomec should not be applied to cattle less than 42 days before sending to the abattoir, other products such as CattlePro, has a 28 day withholding period.

Extinosad sheep pour-on

Extinosad pour-on is used to control lice in both off-shears and long wool sheep. In fact, it can kill lice, including SP and IGR resistant strains, within hours of application! Trials involving the use of Extinosad pour-on for off-shears Merino wethers, ewes and rams, found that lice were undetectable five months after treatment. What’s even better is that it’s incredibly easy to use and does not have a wool withholding period. There are, however, meat withholding periods for both sheep and sucking lambs, and the product cannot be used on ewes intended for milk production.

Interested in superior parasite protection for your cattle and sheep? Specialist Sales stock Cydectin, Ivomec and Extinosad pour-ons in a variety of pack sizes. At Specialist Sales, if we can't save you money we don't deserve your business.

Pour-Ons Every Farmer Needs | Specialist Sales | Cydectin cattle pour-on protects livestock from a variety of internal and external parasites. Extinosad sheep pour-on can be used on off-shears and long wool sheep with no wool withholding period.